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The Deacon

- C van Dam

The office of deacon is God’s gift to His church, but today it is often undervalued, misunderstood, and perceived to be of little importance. In The Deacon, the author considers the Old Testament background for this calling, the deacon in New Testament times and in church history, and the current function of the office. You will rediscover the high and privileged calling of deacons and come to a better understanding of what God requires of them.

Growing in the Gospel

(Sound doctrine for daily living)

- Jason van Vliet

(Combined Volume - 3 books in 1)

Growing in the Gospel:
Do you want to delve into the riches of the gospel more deeply and live out of them more consistently? This hardcover, combined volume incorporates all the material of Growing in the Gospel Volumes 1-3. It explores the central truths of Scripture so that those who are already familiar with the basics of the Christian faith continue to grow in understanding the height, breadth, and depth of God's Holy Word. At the same time, our God gave us sound doctrine for daily living. Thus, each chapter draws connections to everyday life as it is experienced by moms and dads, teens and young adults, married and unmarried, as well as people who are healthy, sick, happy, and distressed--in short, real people living real lives in a really broken world. Growing in the Gospel is appropriate for adult Bible study groups, "College & Careers" study groups, adult education or post-confession classes, office bearer training, and personal spiritual enrichment. All major doctrines are covered and contents include discussion questions for study groups and a combined index to find topics easily.


Book of Praise

(Anglo Genevan Psalter)

- 2014 Edition.

Official Psalter of the Canadian and American Reformed Churches 


Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms

- Peter Holtflüwer (redakteur)

As editor and co-contributor, I am thrilled to announce our new forthcoming multi-volume work: Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms! 16 seasoned pastors have made it their labour of love for several years to bring you a fresh Reformed perspective on all 150 Psalms. Whether it’s the Devotional or the Study Resource, these books will help you better understand the Psalms and your Saviour.

Hierdie boek bevat 1 jaar se dagstukkies oor die 150 Psalms - daar is ook vir spesiale dae soos Kersfees, Goeie Vrydag ens. voorsiening gemaak. Deur alles wil die skrywers vir ons wys dat die Psalms al 'n voorafskaduwing is van Christus en sy werke. Elke dagstukkie neem 'n gedagte uit 'n psalm, verbind dit aan Jesus Christus en pas dit toe op ons daaglikse lewe. Al die skrywers (16)  is verbonde aan die "Canadian Reformed Theologial Seminary". Die dagstukkies is geskryf deur:

Ds. Richard Aasman, Ds. Hendrik Alkema, Ds. Clarence Couwman, Dr Reuben Bredenhof, Ds. David de Boer, Dr. Arjan de Visser, Ds. Peter Feenstra, Ds. Peter Holtflüwer (redakteur), Ds. Marc Jact, Ds. Jack Moesker, Ds. Douglas VandeBurgt, Ds. Clarence VanderVelde, Dr. Jason van Vliet, Ds. Rodney Vermeulen, Ds. Jim Witteveen en Ds. Dick Wynia

Your only comfort

- Prof. P.J. de Bruyn

The Heidelberg Catechism for mankind today